Making the world not just a better place but a more accessible one.

What it does

It is a robot that translates latest festival news (or any text) to braille information for visually impaired people.

How we built it

We built it using legos, 5 stepper motors, 1 servo motor, bunch of tons of a lot of wires, battery pack that was never provided, and tons of motivation to stay all night.

Challenges we ran into

Started off with stepper motor idea but only had five and 1 servo. Someone stole the servo before we could get it. So, we got 5 stepper motors and 1 servo (our own aka lab equipment). They had everything but batteries and wires (no females at all #sexism). We soldered RPi to make things easier, ended up short circuiting both, so took another one from lab again. Lego building is always painful. All nighters are difficult and Patricia almost died. Food was not available at 3 am.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got the robot to work. We just need to test it on a real person to understand and calibrate it to a proper user.

What we learned

Patricia learned Legos. Sarah learnt to sleep longer than 8 hours. Rakha almost got the Nexmo API working! Hemang learnt to drink more than 1 redbull for the night. We learnt a bunch of stuff about robotics and how hardware works together, multi-threading with GPIO, stepper motors, braille mapping, and so much!

What's next for Matura

Test it with a new person and investment from Black Rock.

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