Do you toss and turn too much? Does your snoring scare off even the monsters under your bed? Are the dark circles under your eyes caused by unsettled sleep something that you're constantly being questioned about?

Well, look no further. We're introducing the next generation of mattresses, Mattress-X, that can give you unprecedented data about your sleeping conditions and quality.

Sensors track your sleeping posture, snoring and a variety of other variables, giving you a sleep quality score when you end a sleep session. There is an inbuilt alarm that wakes you up based on both the duration and quality of your sleep. It also stores your sleep quality history, and allows you to understand the reasons such as anxiety, lack of nutrition etc that affect your sleep quality so you can take preventive measures and wake up as rested as possible, ready to take on the world next morning :)

This mattress may also provide data for sleep research studies.

Technical features

This project was made for BoilerMake 2017, and used an Arduino UNO and capacitative touch sensors to model sleep positions and turns, and a sound sensor to detect snoring.

It is connected to an iOS app that provides an interface for the user to interact with the mattress, the alarm, view their sleep quality history and gauge what factors affect the quality of their sleep.


Understanding how to communicate efficiently between the iOS app and the serial port.

The Road Ahead:

Using more sensitive sensors, build a much more accurate model of sleep quality, and using Machine Learning, use the data generated to give better suggestions to the user on how to improve sleep quality.

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