As a group of passionate millennials, we look to support companies that align with our personal values. In addition, we have investment ideas that we get from interactions in our everyday lives. Building a portfolio of socially responsible companies that includes these ideas and testing those ideas, is a difficult process.

How does it work?

We took a simplified approach by putting the power into your hands, literally. You can seamlessly start with an investment ideas with our Android app. From there our machine learning trained models map those ideas to companies around the idea. A portfolio is then built which you can adjust and view back tested performance on. There is also the moral compass rating which tells you how ethical the business is and other relevant portfolio metrics.

What does it do?

  • Uses an investment theme you have to curate a portfolio of companies relevant to it
  • Provides a score which tells you how ethical a business is for investment considerations
  • Allows you to backtest portfolios and see how they perform over time
  • Additional portfolio metrics are provided using the BlackRock API to tell you risk and volatility


  • Storing historical price data for all NYSE and NASDAQ listed equities and quickly accessing it from the database for charting
  • Creating the algorithms to map ideas to relevant companies with accuracy
  • Using general information from websites to do sentiment analysis and generate an ethical score
  • Large amounts of keyword search data is hard from scraped website
  • Working with Android UI components and getting it identical to our mockups
  • Incorporating dates properly for use with the time series data
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