Nowadays it is more and more important to keep your data secure and to have a reliable and independently running application. With Mattermost, an instant messaging service that is self-hosted, you have the possibility to communicate to your team members without the need of a third party service provider.

What it does

The integrations keep you updated about progress and status of your project by notifying it to a channel or member of the Mattermost server. For this, you currently can choose from following integrations:

  • When date arrives then notify user/channel
  • When date has passed then notify user/channel
  • When person is assigned to column then notify user/channel
  • When status changes then notify user/channel
  • When any update is created then notify user/channel
  • When an item is created then notify user/channel
  • When column changes then notify user/channel

How we built it

The integration runs as a node.js application and can be scaled up for higher load, if needed.

Challenges we ran into

Understanding OAuth 2.0 in general and how using it in node.js.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

To build an alternative to a messaging service without an external provider.

What we learned

Much about node.js and the GraphQL used by API.

What's next for Mattermost integration

Add some more integrations, provide the possibility to send updates from Mattermost to

Information for the judges

For testing purpose, a prepared Mattermost server can be offered. Please contact the admins to get the access information.

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