Why Matsoo?

Matsoo is the famous goddess of Taiwan, who takes care of sailing and traveling. Our Matsoo system with 5G is named to have similar expectation: hope the content be delivered in short latency and with high availability.

Please refer the detail in the attached pdf file, our github organization, and the video about setting up customized CDN on AWS.

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posted an update

Testbed of Video 360 (Wavelength cache is not included), you can play with the try-it-out link with following tutorials: https://matsoo5gclient.s3.amazonaws.com/index.html?s=$SERVICE_TAG&v=$VIDEO_TAG

  • $SERVICE_TAG could be 2, means S3, the original content; or 3 means the CloudFront
  • $VIDEO_TAG could be 1~6, indicates different testing videos

For example,


would be the monkeys video accessing by CloudFront

  • It is also workable to change s tag into so for specific video location. Such as so=

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