In today's world based on information, we took a look at what we could do to improve the learning potential of young children. Realizing that a large reason kids struggle with academics is that learning is considered boring by many youths, we set out to build a project that could make learning fun!

What it does

This game provides an alternative, more engaging educational experience for growing minds.

How we built it

We used Unity as our game-building engine, utilizing the built-in sprite mechanics and buttons for the base of the game. We also designed our own pixel-art backgrounds and sprites.

Challenges we ran into

While we were experienced with the 3D aspects of Unity, Unity 2D was certainly something we weren't too familiar with. One especially difficult aspect of building the game was designing the "final battle". We had to use a mix of sprites, images, and text to finish that, which was difficult considering how tracking UI text around 2D sprites can get pretty messy.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of our supervision features which allow teachers and parents to oversee their student/child's learning journey as well as our stunning hand-drawn graphics.

What we learned

Using firebase to keep track of student data and progress as well as teacher information.

What's next for Matrix of Heroes

We hope to add more topics for kids to learn and master, such as geometry, number theory, probability and more!

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