I wanted a way to visually experience the sensors from the MATRIX Creator.

What it does

Showcases a Samsung Gear VR demo allows you to control an airplane that's tied to the position of the MATRIX Creator gyroscope. This is meant to showcase the speed at which the sensors can be read.

How we built it

After learning how to use a Gear VR environment, we imported an example game for the MATRIX and transferred it to work for the Gear VR. We also included a Unity Library that allows for more sensors to be read. This demo only showcases the gyroscope sensors, but all sensors can be read as efficiently.

Challenges we ran into

With no experience in VR, it took a lot of work incorporate the Gear VR to receive the MATRIX Sensors in Unity.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The low latency between the connection of the Gear VR and MATRIX Creator.

What we learned

How to develop in the Gear VR environment for Unity.

What's next for MATRIX Creator Unity VR

To develop a cleaner demo that provides VR demos for each of the sensors on the MATRIX Creator. Documentation on how other developers can use this setup comes next.

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