Matrica Labs was formed by three friends with the hope of bringing new ideas to the NFT metaverse.


Our first project, Pixels, is a generative art collection, inspired by the innovators and revolutionary thinkers in fields of Mathematics and Computer Science.

We architected our generator such that it could print a pixel of varying sizes, borders, shadows, and colors on a grid. Each pixel is drawn following an assigned pattern. For our patterns, we chose historic algorithms such as the Golden Rectangle, the Sierpiński Carpet, and the Mandelbrot set.

In addition to being able to print a pixel, the system can also print another pattern within the bounds of that pixel. Thus our three primary patterns: grid, tunnel, and spiral, can each be recursively drawn within each other. This creates new and unexpected designs.

Pixels was built as a prelude for our main project, Colors.


Colors aims to be a building block in the Solana NFT metaverse. Each NFT represents a hexadecimal color. Any two Colors can be combined (burned) to mint their composite color. Colors are designed to be integrated with other NFT projects, so that holders can be empowered with new modes of personalization and artistic expression.

Pixel holders will be able to dissolve (burn) their NFTs into their component colors. For example, a Nakamoto color palette can be dissolved into #FFFFFF, #F7931A, #4D4D4D, #1A1A1A, and #010101. Through the burn mechanism, Pixels will become a self-curated project.


Pixels² will the our next iteration of Pixels, however this time users will be able to choose their color palettes when minting using the Colors the hold in their wallets. This project will serve as a template for other projects to use to integrate with Colors. All smart contracts and web3 components will be open-sourced.


The biggest challenge we faced was marketing our project. When we started our Twitter, we had zero followers. Eventually though, people in the space noticed our project and decided to help us gain exposure. We were fortunate that an amazing community formed in our discord, and some great people joined our team.

Our goal now is to release the Colors project as the first of many new mechanics we hope to bring to the Solana ecosystem.

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