Our dog Matilda stays at home while we're out during the day. We wanted to know what she does while she's at home. Does she sleep? Does she play with her toys? Does she pace around? That's why we built Matilda- telemetry for dogs. If we can use telemetry data to know what rockets are doing, why can't we know what our dog is doing?

What it does

Matilda monitors a dog's activity throughout the course of a day. It wears like a normal dog collar. Myo is a great fit for small dogs because it is elastic enough to fit around a dog's head. The accelerometer and gyroscope track x,y, and z dimensions. Myo also calculates pitch, roll, and yaw data for more useful movement data.

How we built it

We began by setting up a ConnectTheDots page on Azure. Next, we wrote a script for the Myo to transmit data up to the cloud to be graphed over time. Data points uploaded include x, y, z, pitch, roll, and yaw data points as recorded by the Myo. We also created an Android app to allow the user to start and stop recording data.

Challenges we ran into

Our first major challenge was setting up Azure and ConnectTheDots. Once we had that up and running, we ran into some problems with the speed at which data can be uploaded to Azure. Myo captures data roughly 60x/second. This produces a lot of data which needs to be transmitted to the cloud. We are considering storing the data in larger payloads rather than smaller ones.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Our team began the weekend with no prior experience with Azure, Myo, or Android development. In just 3 days, we came up with a really cool concept, set up an Azure webpage, and started collecting Myo data with an Android app.

What's next for Matilda

We want to create profiles of different types of actions a dog might be doing throughout the course of a day. For example, our dog loves to jump and twirl in the air. By collecting and analyzing enough data, we expect to find that the action of twirling changes particular data points. Once we have profiles of different actions, we can tell the user precisely what their dog is doing while they're away from home. The user won't have to read a bunch of numbers to understand whether their dog is happy or getting into trouble!

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