Our program allows teachers and competition organizers to challenge participants with any type of math equation. This is achieved by displaying the question on a computer or projector screen with an optional timer. Students can use it at home or in-class, competing against their classmates. Students can use it at home, the student receives a file from their instructor which allows them to download it onto their computer. Once the student is done with the exercise, they can check their answer provided by the program. When it is to be used in class or in a competition, the person in-charge can project it onto a screen to allow participants to race against the clock together with their peers and see who’s the fastest. This program would encourage students to practice math considering that the problems are not coming out of a tedious textbook. It allows students to be a bit more proactive at home and in class it can add a more dynamic atmosphere of competition. The timer can motivate students to set themselves a goal and students love a bit of a challenge especially when it involves their peers. Our program would also make things easier for the teachers considering that they won’t need to always write complicated math equations (in hand-writing) on the board and they will be able to transfer these complicated equations to the students easily. Also, the students won’t need to travel from a textbook to a solution manual to check their answer which facilitates the task for them and may encourage them to do one more problem given that it is of uttermost simplicity. What makes our program differ from others is that it can be customized at will and fit the users need the most. An example of that would be that the teacher sets up the timer for a question, export it and then the students only need to open the question file with the program to whack their brains.

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