MathPapa is a step-by-step calculator to help algebra students interactively learn math. It can be used either as a teaching aid or to help students practice concepts on their own.

To get started, go to, enter a math expression, and then press "Try it!" For example, you can enter the expression "2^3 * 2^2".

MathPapa will then return a step-by-step explanation with two goals: (1) Explain clearly what the expression means (2) Show how to evaluate the expression

As a tutor, I've seen some students struggle simply because they don't know what the math symbols mean. With MathPapa, students can learn new concepts by experimenting with different examples. MathPapa supports exponents, fractions, polynomials, graphing, and evaluating algebraic expressions.

One important feature of MathPapa is interactive variables. In MathPapa, when given any expression or equation containing t, a slider is displayed, allowing the student to quickly try different values for t. For example, for the equation "y = tx", students can learn interactively how changing the coefficient of x changes the slope of the line.

To learn more, please read the Tutorial or see more Examples. Tutorial: Examples:

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