One of the biggest reasons why education in the format of video isn't addictive is because it is just one-way communication, where the teacher more or less bores the student. The teenagers mostly love to chat and incited with the idea of chatting. Thus was the idea of creating teacher AI based chatbot was born.

What it does

It is a AI based chatbot which can list infinte questions from the modules we have created. If the user answers wrong answer for the hard level, then he is asked medium and easy questions. If the user answers correct for easy or medium questions he is given more tougher problems. In case the user answers incorrect answer for easy questions he is given a khan academy video to watch.

Not only this we have made the whole platform community based. (You can create the questions and set the tags using our website. The questions are stored in database and would be updated in the chatbot after a review)

How I built it

We built a AI facebook chatbot from scratch. We have used python, wolfram-alpha api and HavenOnDemand APIs.

Challenges I ran into

We initially were not able to deploy the chatbot on platforms such as Heroku , AWS but then we finally deployed it on Digital Ocean. It worked seamlessly as we had complete control over the server. Another challenging aspect of this project was creating modules which would generate infinite questions on demand. It was one of the most interesting part of this project as after computers, maths is my favorite subject.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Neither of us had worked on creating a chatbot before. We decided upon the idea in the morning of the hackathon. Hacking together is one of the best social expereinces I have. It was to build something this cool from scratch in this short amount of time.

What we learned

We were able to learn how to work as a team and how to solve issues. Lack of sleep did not stop us from coding and making this idea come alive. Working on this chatbot is one of the bes projects I have attempted and I am going to cherish this time and team for years ahead to come.

What's next for MathMan

We want to take it live and have traction on this chatbot!

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