We were inspired to make Mathketball to help kids truly enjoy doing math.

What it does

Mathketball gives kids three different game modes to sharpen their math skills. In a game, they can challenge their family and friends and get questions of varying difficulty. In a three point contest, they can go for a high score and master their multiplication tables, and in top five plays they can learn new and interesting facts.

How I built it

Mathketball is built using Python 3, Flask-Ask, and AWS.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge was perfecting the interface between Alexa and the player to ask and answer the math questions.

What I learned

I learned that voice can become a whole new medium for education and making learning fun for kids. I also learned how easy it is to create a deploy Alexa Skills.

What's next for Mathketball

More types of questions, a more varied set of difficulties, more math facts, and perhaps a story mode.

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