From the shared suffering experiences of 1st yr calc , we realized that there was a lack of natively-developed tech solutions to mathematics. Hence, we were all inspired by the shared pain to create something of useful for the common good. Finding Waldo was the inspiration for us to advance our math library into including the inverse trig and graphing function.

What it does

An intelligent application for the computation of derivations. Specifically tailored to first year university calculus students and high school seniors. Designed with a unique and intuitive interface that offers a hands-on experience in solving differential calculus equations.

How we built it

Combined our common knowledge of python, mathematics, and logical thinking. Software was divided into smaller pieces to construct.

Challenges we ran into

Finding Waldo.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We found Waldo.

Built By

Amber Bhatt
Elizabeth Xiao
Frank Yan
Michael Ge

What's next for MATHGODS

Complete the 2.0 update: Optimization and Integral/Multi Variable Calculus Possibilities to come:

  • 3D polar coordinates
  • Partial Differential Equations,
  • Multiple Integrals,
  • Linear Algebra
  • Complex Number
  • Topography
  • Real Analysis
  • Game Theory
  • Chaos Theory
  • Big Data and Machine Learning....
  • Topple Wolfram Alpha/Symbol Lab (as this will be a free and open sourced for student )

Built With

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