My kids go to this Kumon class once every week for an hour to learn and practice math skills for their grade. It's a non competent, non-motivated system , where me and my kids wake up every Saturday @ 9 am go there do some practice and bring some homework , which they do it but not with passion as their is no motivation. What if this was a fun continuous Learning where kids solve the problems as per their grade and they get points and those points actually convert in to goodies for them. To keep it entertaining the sill can crack some jokes once in a while or ask them a different puzzle when they answer say 10 questions in a row. It also tells where and how you are ranked among others of your grade.

What it does

Ask the kids name and grade. Once provided ask a Math question to the kid if the answer is correct add a score to his profile. if the score is more than 100 tell the kid of a goodies store where these points can buy a toy or a snack for him.

How we built it

Create dynamodb to store the kids information. Create a database for math questions for different grades. bold Create apis like getkid,addkid,getquestion,getscore,updatescore using python and flask. Create a skill with some dialogue directive and reprompts to call these apis above.

Challenges we ran into

Creating a Dialogue using alexa was not easy. Thinking of all the scnarios this system can pass/fail was another challenge Creating a goodies store with an api ( still unsolved)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works !!! Yeah it turned out to be a very intuitive and fun game. The python api is very sleek lambda function sitting behind an api gateway

What we learned

Different use cases and how to query dynamodb for max/min values. How to use Alexa reprompt and dialogue directive

What's next for MathGenie

Make sure that the Goodies API is real and it works and provides kids with some very intuitive and different goodies. Add more questions to the math database

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