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B l a s t M a t h


This is the code from YHack 2019 for the Blast Math team (Digesh, Edwin, Ziad, and Bettina).


Thank you Professor Syta from Trinity college. You've deeply inspired us to learn and challenge ourselves everyday (and everynight as this event demonstrates). We'd also like to thank our friends (Wayne, Logan, and Hunter) who came with us as they were a great moral support through some tough times during development. We also are appreciative toward the people providing sound clips on


Blast Math was inspired by the idea the game mathtrainer which allows for people worldwide to improve their math skills. One thing our group felt was lacking in mathtrainer was other modes and challenges (Most of our members are highly ranked). We decided that it would be educational (especially to computer interested people) to create a mathgame that not only performed basic algebra questions, but also computer science related questions. Therefore; we added modes relating to hexadecimal and binary algebra. Once we were content with this, we decided to spice up our game by adding difficulty settings as well as spicing up the graphics. The goal of our game is to allow our users to improve their mathematical skills in not only an educational way, but a fun and unique way as well (utilizing competitive mechanics).

This game features

  • An android application game
  • A randomized mathematical quiz to improve users mathematics
  • Stunning graphics
  • Hexadecimal and binary modes for extra challenge
  • A difficulty selected to further increase challenge for users
  • A unique scoring system that focuses on concurrent accuracy as well as speed in answering questions
  • Fun sound when answering questions


Math blast was designed for android devices in android studio. Therefore; you need an android device or android emulator. This medium will be used in conjunction with android studio which will build the files and run the game on these suitable platforms.


final update:

  • difficulty changes done
  • graphics are done
  • binary and hex modes are complete
  • sounds have been fully implemented
  • last minute visual tweaks and difficulty balancing

update 3:

  • leader board was started and then scratched
  • graphics have been greatly improved
  • binary and hex modes started
  • difficulty mode started

update 2:

  • math allows for subtraction, division, multiplication, and mods
  • scoring system has been created
  • development of three modes has begun
    • 20 questions
    • infinity
    • timed

update 1:

  • back end started
  • created basic form to enter data
  • designed random system for math inputs
  • so far allows for addition questions

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