Our inspiration is to solve the education problem that exist in children from the Middle East.

What it does

Teaches the definition of basic mathematical concepts, and numerical fractions.

How we built it

We use Kivy framework library to create the application and python to create the content and information of the application.

We used libraries like:

  • gTTS and playsound for speech generation.
  • re and nltk for text processing.
  • matplotlib to generate fraction graphics.

Challenges we ran into

  • Creating the application using Kivy.
  • Generating text to speech for the definition of concepts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating the entire application using Kivy.

What we learned

Creating applications using Kivy, generating sppech form text.

What's next for MathBot

Make a better looking interface. Creating a full virtual mathematical assistant for more concepts and topics (angles, geometry, etc.). Use it as a base to teach any topic (sicence, language, arts, etc.).

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