Mathalicious is a fresh way to teach math. We create lessons that help teachers teach the Common Core Standards through real-world topics, and engage their students to think critically about the world. For instance:  

How long would it take to burn off a Big Mac, and what would happen if McDonald's rewrote its menu in terms of exercise? (Equations & Expressions)

Does Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt have an unfair height advantage, and should athletes run distances based on their heights? (Proportions)

How have video game consoles changed over time, and will they ever be so realistic that you could choose to live inside of them? (Exponential Growth)

  On a survey of teachers who use Mathalicious, 95% said that their students enjoy the lessons, and 97% said they the lessons help their students become better problem solvers. Not only that, but almost three-fourths of teachers said that they enjoy their jobs more when they incorporate Mathalicious into their instruction.   Too many students think of math as a bunch of random steps to memorize and regurgitate, and ask, "When will I ever use this?" Mathalicious answers this. It's a great complement to any core curriculum, and is helping teachers across the country redefine what it means to teach math.

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