Where I am from, in this day and age elementary teachers do not teach like they use to teach. Children today have made it all the way to high school still not knowing the basic math to excel on to more advanced math topics. So we wanted to come up with a way that the youth could learn more on their own and practice as much and as long as they would like.

What it does

This program is a tutoring math tool for 1st through 4th graders. It allows them to select their grade level, then select a topic. Once they answer the question, it lets them know whether it is right or wrong. Then it gives them the correct answer if it is wrong. It allows them to end the tool after they have completed as many questions as they desire, and then gives them the total amount of questions they have correct, total amount they have incorrect, and gives them their averages.

How we built it

We used visual studio and c++ programming language .

Challenges we ran into

For the third and fourth grade, we had difficulties getting the division problems to show the correct answer in decimal form. Overall we had other issues with getting the averages to calculate correctly using the function.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of being able to help young children develop their learning skills and further succeed in their basic math courses.

What we learned

We learned that our coding skills will help others and develop great minds. We also learned that working together can get you a long way in life, and that any learning experience can be a great advantage. Catching our mistakes is one thing that we can now do better due to this learning experience.

What's next for Math Tutor

Our Math Tutor will continue to become developed for all grades, become more advanced as we help students and individuals who value their education in mathematics and want to develop better learning skills.

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