The inspiration for this project came from personally helping my siblings with their “assigned” online math practice and noticing little accountability there is, especially for distraction prone kids between 8-12, during online classes to complete these assignments and have teachers following up.

What it does

The web app is designed to create a distraction free enviornment for students to memorize math concepts assigned by their teachers and for teachers to be able to view datapoints related to student learning.

How we built it

For design, layout, and majority of the functionalities on the web-app, we used JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. To authenticate users and save user information, we used auth0's authentication system. We used a cloudflare's serverless database, workers, to host and manage site data.

Challenges we ran into

"Biggest challenge I ran into was designing a system that students were familiar with but could also provide a consistently good practice to reinfornce classroom topics. I used quizlet's developer tools to embede some of their amazing tools that have worked for many students. Saving user information was also a challenge that I still have yet to accomplish. I have worked with Cloudflare's KV data store to save information but had many challenges reading some of those key-value data pairs into our site" - Mohamed

"One of the challenges that I ran into was trying to develop a UI that was simple to understand and aesthetically pleasing. Usually, programmers think of the UI/UX design as the easiest part of a website, but in reality, the UI is what sets the tone of the website. I found it challenging to find the balance between user-friendliness that children from the age of 4-12 could understand quite easily, and the clarity of the website as a whole." -Ahmad

Accomplishments that we're proud of

"I am definitely proud of how our layout and everything came together. Ahmad and I worked on various parts of the site and everything fit very smoothly at the end. I am definitely most proud of the simple design of our website." - Mohamed

"The thing that I am most proud of is the simplicity of the website. On other educational websites like quizlet, edmodo, etc, it becomes difficult for young children to navigate the pages as there are so many different things to click. What makes our website stand out is the simplicity. There are no unnecessary tabs, links, or anything that could possibly confuse a child." -Ahmad

What we learned

"Biggest takeaway from this weekend was how much I learned about quicking getting a website up and running on the cloud for everyone to see, I faced few challenges before getting hosting/domain name running but was very successful in that department this hackaton" - Mohamed

"This was my first hackathon, so I learned so much not just in terms of programming, but also from my teammate. Before this hackathon, I wasn't very comfortable with github, but Mohamed helped me through it step-by-step. I look forward to participating in more hackathons in the future and further develop my programming skills." -Ahmad

What's next for Math-to-Memory

We are hoping to refine the system and allow for more concepts (mathematically) on the site outside of simple equations. Anki was definitely an inspiration for creating this webapp and hopefully we can turn it into a spaced-repetition type of practice that students benefit from the most!

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