There is lack of arts and enrichment education in Baltimore City Schools. My company 'Kariz Kids Youth Enrichment Services' have been serving youth in the community since 2011. The purpose of our youth program is to teach kids about the fundamentals of the music business incorporating financial literacy and music production. After 6+ years of teaching this curriculum in schools, we recently began facing challenges in funding. This challenge is a refection of City Schools and organizations falling victim to city budget cuts resulting in the lack of creative outlets for youth. This Application would make our services become more affordable and accessible by schools thus exposing this platform to more youth and encouraging them to be creative while polishing math skills, and vocabulary.

How Does It Work? Theres a Digital Audio Workstation Interface. User answers math questions. Each question is worth a certain amount of credit (money). This credit is used to purchased instruments and sounds. These sounds are in loop form. After the word problem is answered correctly, money deposits into the users account. These funds are used to purchase a maximum of 8 different audio tracks and one empty audio track to record vocals. The goal is to answer enough Math questions correct in order to complete the recording of a song.

The Progress:

Team Abilities: Kariz: Music Producer / Youth Educator/ Founder of Kariz Kids Youth Enrichment Services. Drew: web developer bootcamp grad Javascript / JQuery / HTML / CSS Allen: Javascript / JQuery / HTML / CSS

How I built it

How was it Built: We built a web app using the HTML5 web audio API to play audio, update the DOM, and record audio. We pulled in the Buzz JS library to merge two audio files in the browser, allowing the user to record an audio track on top of our prerecorded audio.

What's next for Math+Music=Money

Whats Next? Ultimately we would like to have several different tempo's, loop's and instruments to choose from. There will be an export option for the final song. There will also be an option that will give listeners an opportunity to purchase the song. All proceeds go directly to the user (the youth that created the song).

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