We saw that kids have a hard time to practice and learn math and found a way to incorperate fun into math

What it does

Allows viewers to practice their math skills and also reviews it.

How I built it

We brainstormed multiple ideas and then picked the best ideas. Then, we started building our project and also followed some tutorials on the times we did not know how to write the code.

Challenges I ran into

Some challenges that we faced as we went along with our program was making the website more user friendly, and making it look colorful, and nice. Also, figuring out some of the code for certain sections was a challenge, as well as figuring out what went wrong if the code was incorrect. However, we got past all of these challenges, and eventually understood what to do, and what we did wrong.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Some accomplishments that we are proud of are linking all of the websites together within different buttons, the abulity t hover and change the color of a button, creating a miniature version of the 2048 game, learning mre javascript, and designing our website to be easy to navigate and look visually appealing to the users.

What I learned

We learned more about javascript, css, and HTML and how to incorperate into our website

What's next for

Adding more games that that focus on development of specific topics of mathamatics. Also, adding more visuals that are appealing to the learners. This website would be more developed and will fully achieve what it is meant to achieve; helping children all over the world.

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