High Functioning Autistic people are more normal than typical people, are you just as normal? and High functioning, maybe you can keep your mind exercised everyday and also contribute to your 401k.

What it does

In a man machine interface, narrow down the hunt for a crypto, with ethereum as an example as you play a mathematical gym, juggling numbers, shortcuts and theorems, to exercise that mind muscle and keep your mind healthy. Maybe it is theraupetic as research, by the author shows, maybe it is just a mental wellness practice, maybe if you are lucky and do discover currency, you can save for the rainy day.

How I built it

Used off the shelf python source code and gists, to create succint python functions, with narrow searches for hashes, with teh perfect cahining, to be an ETH crypto! Can even run on a humble TI84 calculator, with a high functioning you!

Challenges I ran into

None, life itself is one.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A series of papers on prime number therapy and now on crypto and hashes.

What I learned

Annata is teh end of suffering, and maybe the 'I' is just encryption, an ocean of numbers and one way functions, may be the key to ending this struggle is in annata or transcendence.

What's next for Math Gym: ETH

More hints about mental math tricks, better AI and more exercises, and a new currency, a new hash?

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