The inspiration for this skill was my 10-year old daughter. We brainstormed how Alexa could help her and she came up with the idea to create a skill to quiz her on her multiplication facts. We decided to name the skill "Math Genie" because it is a fun and engaging name for young kids.

What it does

Kids need a lot of practice when learning their multiplication facts. Flashcards are SO outdated! Math Genie grants kids' wishes by helping them learn their multiplication facts. Kids have fun by asking the genie to tell them a random multiplication fact or by asking for the answer to a specific multiplication problem! The genie will even help kids study by quizzing them on certain multiplication facts. During the quiz, after guessing incorrectly three times, the genie reveals the answer. Kids will have fun studying!

How I built it

I built this skill using a Lambda written in Python.

Challenges I ran into

I am new to Python so the syntax of the language was a bit challenging. I also had never used a skill that saved session variables between invocations so figuring this out was challenging (and fun).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that my daughter and I partnered together to create a skill. She came up with the idea and then I implemented it. She helped a lot with testing and identifying bugs.

What I learned

I learned a lot about session management and storing values between calls. I never knew this was possible, and I am glad that I learned more about it. All future skills I develop can now make use of this nice feature.

What's next for Math Genie

My daughter will present Math Genie at her school with the intent that kids will use it to help them learn.

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