Math Fact Fu is a web-based teaching tool designed to improve student mastery of the multiplication facts, a critical precursor for computational fluency in middle school and high school mathematics.

The Common Core calls for mastery of the multiplication tables by the end of grade 3, yet many upper elementary, middle school and high school students have persistent weakness in recalling their facts. This impedes the speed and accuracy of their calculations with multiplication, division, operations with fractions and decimals, factoring, and a host of other key skills.

Though Math Fact Fu is designed with the look and feel of a video game, it is actually a comprehensive teaching tool that integrates assessment and targeted intervention to help students develop the strategies they need to achieve mastery of the multiplication facts. An initial assessment identifies areas of weakness, and based on that assessment a personalized lesson plan is developed with video tutorials on mental math strategies for the targeted factors, and game-based practice sessions. Periodic formative assessments allow students and teachers to track progress, and assure that instruction and practice exercises are relevant to the student’s current level of mastery.

Teachers can log in to track their students’ progress, and identify which students might benefit from extra practice in the classroom or at home. Math Fact Fu delivers and tracks all the assessments, and presents the data in a format that is easy to share with students, parents, and administrators.

Math Fact Fu is more than a game, yet more engaging than traditional drills and flash cards. It is a balanced approach that maximizes the potential of educational technology to help teachers differentiate instruction painlessly, and to support students by strengthening a key foundational skill for mathematics in the upper grades.

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