A CRM system is developed with the slack channel and an integrated dialogflow based CRM system, with many integrations, including chat and phone channels. The inspiration being, the evangelism for The One Quantum Tablet Per Child. link

What it does

Provides CRM services, and technical help using an SME bot for help to students and tutors of math corps provides help on using google Socratic and Microsoft ailab tools, through a slack channel and Amazon Alexa. It also markets, Alexa Flex, Gemmy Twelking bears for Alexa and CoderDojo StPaul2's Jetson Media, a better Alexa Echo. Filled with Easter eggs, it also monitors messages on the tech help channel and provides relevant snippets of mathematics and code and humor too!

How I built it

A basket of Alexa skills are used for CRM and onboarding support, a slack channel is integrated to Alexa using an off the shelf Alexa skill and a dialog bot-based CRM system is built using dialogbots KM system and the use of pre-built CRM systems with a hand-over to a real SME. AWS TEmplates are used to integrate an AWS Lex based bot with Alexa and AWS Kibana, for a knowledge management tool.

Challenges I ran into

No challenges as the entire project were straight forward.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Automation of Technical Help conversational CRM systems, proof of concept of the replacement of live help, and chatbots with conversational CRM systems. Use at CoderDojo and Math Corps.

What I learned

An incredible amount of Wolfram examples and humorous anecdotes, integration of APIs to Lex and DialogBot, and integration of Wolfram Alpha search API. Another delta towards the ultimate use in graduate mathematics and computer science, already ready in a content P.O.C with Knot Theory examples.

What's next for math corpse: Innovations in math literacy

As mathematics is proven the unifying, universal language, followed by OOPS and NLP, quantum computing, and statistical computing march ahead in two armies, Z and Q. The Q army can be seen just around the anti-AI fortress. Will we storm the fort? and layoff the lazy bones?

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