We wanted to make something small, but that could be played without limit. We wanted something that is not only a fun game, but a useful tool, and we settled on one that would allow you to exercise your math skills.

What it does

Math Attack allows users to simply enter a name into the website, and they will create a character that can interact with everyone who has been on the site. Players can attack other players and they will lose of gain health point in doing so. These attacks are purely math based, and their difficulties are based on the player's health points.

How we built it

To develop this project, we utilized HTML and CSS for our website's front-end. And for the back-end, we used flask, along with a SQLite database to store users. In order to work as a group, we worked through a github repository.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenges we faced were related to our database. We both have some experience with databases, and also with Flask, but using the two tools together yielded a steep learning curve. This ended up being a powerful combination that was vital to our project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Math Attack utilizes the Flask-SQLite duo which, as mentioned above, was a challenge to get working. We are not only happy that we got it working, but that we were able to use it to create interactions across everyone using the site.

What we learned

From a technical standpoint, we took big steps in our knowledge and abilities with the various tools we used. But aside from the technology, we learned the importance of organization

What's next for Math Attack

Math Attack is about practising your math skills. The logical next step for our project is to get more people using it. Along with this, it would be important to diversify the questions, reaching other subjects in math and possibly beyond.

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