Honestly, our inspiration for this was pretty simple - we didn't want to do math homework.

What it does

It's an Android app that parses a math equation from handwriting input and solves it for you, including sums and integrals/double integrals.

How we built it

It's an Android app that uses the MyScript API to read handwriting and convert it to LaTeX, which gets sent to Wolfram-Alpha for solving.

Challenges we ran into

The MyScript API didn't always return proper LaTeX, finding the proper image URL from the Wolfram API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Manipulating LaTeX strings to be correctly formatted LaTeX strings, getting the MyScript API to work correctly

What we learned

We learned more about using the Wolfram and MyScript APIs, basic LaTeX

What's next for Math

Get the app to solve more math, basically.

Built With

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