is a web application designed to raise awareness about Maternal Mortality and to provide a platform for professional interaction amongst health workers in order to facilitate the achievement of MDG 5-Improvement of Maternal health. Health workers here are doctors, nurses, midwives, pharmacists, paramedics,anesthesiologists etc. who are involved in maternal health care. FEATURES Features of this application include provision for health-workers to prepare surveys/polls for their colleagues to participate in.The surveys and polls serve as an informal way of collating data on maternal health for immediate past years before certified figures are published by the World Bank and other statistical authorities.Additionally there is a display of country's maternal health statistics (a.k.a country profile) from the World Bank Data sets, comparison of any two selected country profiles and a blog feature for health professionals. Futher possiblities with the website includes a wiki feature where the registeredprofessionals can contribute content to a country's profile. PERMISSIONSThe website is designed for public and professional use, thus a guest can visit any page except the blog page which is exclusive to health workers registered with the website. For demo purposes this login feature is presently open to the general public tocreate their own profiles and interact with each other. The idea of a portal is used in that it is meant to take an individual (esp. the professional health worker) from a present state of knowledge to a higher state each time they use the portal; in the hope of increasing efficiencies in decision making and also by default reap the benefits of information sharing.

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