We were just reading out the problem statements and though in which area do we seriously require an app or something innovative from the hands of IT enthusiasists that could help to build a better and bright future for everyone.

What it does

 It will serve as a compendium of knowledge for pregnant womens who are usuallly unaware of the vaccines and treatments and checkups they should go for in regular time periods.

It has registration form which seeks detailed information from the users and then feed it in database for future references. It has a timeline feature which will inform them of the problems faced according to the month of pregnancy they are in.

How we built it

 We used Java and Netbeans to do all the front end. All the buttons , check boxes, and labels were inserted using Netbeans ide and further coding was done in Java wherever required.

We also used MySQL as database for storing information of users and for that we had to import mysql-connector library.

Challenges we ran into

 Earlier we thought of making it as Web app and infact spent 8 hours on it making up the front end but we were not getting the desired output which we had planned or designed while doing pen and paper layout.

Later on we gave a deep thought and halted like for an hour or so just to decide which platform to choose to code in for hackathon.
Also we left Web because one of our team mate defintely had profound knowledge of front end in Web but none of us had any experience with backend so we though just a front end website won't be any good. So we had to drop the lucrative design and GUI which we thought as a Web app. We then moved to Netbeans because we had less time left than before and making the front end was some what easier in netbeans than in web. But then in the end we faced difficulty linking our app with the database thus making it just half functional.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud that we atleast pulled something out of the dark bleak zone which we were in to.

What we learned

 Netbeans and Java implementation

What's next for Maternal Guidance(CRYSTHOPE,Maternal Health)

 We will build it to the level that we imagined.

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