I have met a lot of people who love texting their in their own native language but are being forced to text in english while texting others

What it does

MATE which stands for messaging app translator extension is an extension you add to messaging apps like whatsapp, sms, facebook messager etc. and it helps translator your messages back and forth. Lets you speak English but you want to send in Spanish all you need is tell MATE you want to sent in Spanish and type your message inn English. The message gets sent in Spanish and when you receive a reply you get in English irrespective of the Language the person sent its

How I built it

Used microsoft translator api as the base case of the extension then linked it too an existing sms app

Challenges I ran into

Making the translor for was the biggest chanllenge

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The translator enventually worked

What I learned

What's next for MATE

Making MATE available for every messaging app possible.

Built With

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