There is an obvious glass ceiling that is preventing talented and capable individuals from participating in the workforce. Eligible candidates may be dropped prematurely due to bias against their gender, race, etc.

We want to create equal employment and work opportunity to reduce bias, that may occur throughout the interviewing process.

What it does

MatchWithoutLimits is a video interviewing platform where candidates face and voice are masked during the interview. This will allow the interviewers to understand the candidate's experience and abilities while eliminating their identity from the evaluation process.

How we built it

React/Next.js : generate site, and help simplify some of our codebase

clmtracker: provides real-time facial feature detection

Three.js : to draw the face replacement

Tone.js : Manipulate the pitch of the candidate's voice would be used to facilitate the client to client connection

Challenges we ran into

Unity VR

  • cannot pair with Oculus to create a VR interview setting
  • finding solutions for networking and voice chat in unity


  • finding a library that works in the browser and provides real-time facial feature detection
  • manipulate the candidate's voice (via a filter, pitch, etc)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • created a clean and professional space for interviews
  • an avatar that provides real-time facial expression

What we learned

  • numerous front-end technologies including clmtracker, tone, three, etc.

What's next for MatchWithoutLimits

  • set up the video conference calling
  • get voice masking to work
  • switch to a more responsive facial feature tracking library
  • incorporate real-time translation so that non-native speakers can have the opportunity to use this application as well

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