There does not yet exist a native Android app that can get data from users and give them matches for any use case. This app aims to make data accessible for anyone, even without programming experience.

What it does

matchr uses firebase to authenticate users and store questions. Much like google forms, it is customizable, supporting any workflow using single selection (radio) and multi selection (checkbox).

At its core, matchr will fetch the first question, and subsequently send back responses and get the next question with each question answered. Both sending responses and receiving questions are done in realtime, allowing matchr to change its form instantly. The questions and comparisons are also decoupled from the UI, so no rebuilds are necessary to switch between forms.

matchr makes it easy to make the connections you need, all from a beautified apk.

How I built it

matchr is written with kotlin, backed by firebase, and build with Android Studio

Challenges I ran into

There was initially supposed to be a backend that handles the data matching, but there were complications with jackson.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making the app completely usable in under 36 hours with less than 1 hour of sleep.

What I learned

How to design a functional app while decoupling behaviour from the actual apk

What's next for matchr

As of now, matchr is limited to basic logic flow as it only has single & multi choice. Short and long responses can be added, with NLP to help decipher matches.

matchr also ends by giving a user a list of candidates and their respective scores. It can be improved to allow users to approve or reject candidates, and communicate with those who match together.

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