Education is the single most efficient, valuable and necessary wrapper for human life.
Remember the one teacher who made the most profoundly positive impact on you? What if every student had a tutor that good, every time?

What would our world look like then?

Not all teachers and tutors are the same. Imagine 100 tutors in a room, all with the same academic pedigree and experience. Which one is the best for YOU? Only we know the answer.

How it works

We analyse the entire three-dimensional "human learning stack", not just the two-dimensional cognitive brain. The limbic system (your emotions) sits at the bottom of your brain. It is the literal gatekeeper to your cognitive functions and is the single-most powerful factor in determining how easily you will learn something and how well you will remember it.

We use social media and other data sources to create emotional (state) and personality (trait) profiles of students and tutors. We then use IBM Watson API's and a separate machine learning system to determine the most synergistic match of students to tutors.

Who are we helping?

Have you ever had a difficult challenge while learning something? If you haven't, you should come work with us! For everyone else, MatchMake applies to you. To be more specific, we can change parents' lives by empowering their children. We can do the same for college students. If you're at a later stage in life and you want to learn something but feel like it would be too challenging, we can help you too!

Challenges we ran into

Current machine- and deep-learning tools for analyzing present human dispositions versus a subject's cognitive personality "template" are still in their infancy.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're attacking problems in education in a way that has never been done before, with such massive potential that our laser rangefinder couldn't even find the ceiling, and using powerful technological tools in ways that have never been done before.

What's next for MatchMake

Take over the world, of course. Well, nicely that is.

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