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Traditional methods of job matching requires categorisation, tagging to bucket different types of jobs to fit a specific category. We want to take a novel approach by instead focus on matching a persons personality with what the personality of the job. Often the aspect of personality traits is overlooked when forming working colleagues and to match with company culture as well. Impact on workforce

What it does

By submitting the questions at hand you get presented with the top jobs that match your personality, it is that easy! The service let's you walk through a proven scientific method for understanding the personal traits by asking 20 question and by combining Arbetsförmedlingen APIs (ontology and real-time job api) we collect information about matching words used to describe certain job categories to get a personality score of a job to be match with. This is futher analysed to get the top matching jobs for the person at hand. personality to job

How we built it

By using javascript for scraping and the website. Most of the work was done in the matching algorithms for both the persons questions and the jobs personality traits, as well as a distance measure into which to get the closest jobs by personality traits gets presented.

Challenges we ran into

  • Job to personality traits is something that was hard to get research on, so we have proposed a novel introduction to matching of person to job.
  • Dataflow orchestration was time consuming.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Seemed like a interesting challenge for us, and we are proud to make Match Yourself happen!

What we learned

Know your strengths!

What's next for Match Yourself

Feedback loop from using the application will make the matching algorithm hopefully perform better. A good integration is to find each companies values and visions as they will give a picture of what personally traits the company is looking for.


Impact on workforce

Personality matching to jobs matching

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