Do you remember the good old times when you loved beating your family and friends at the all time favorite matching game back in the day? Since then so much has changed. Instead of sitting down at the living room table, you spend way too much time hanging around Facebook in an endless attempt to catch up on your friends latest Candy Crush scores and to keep your online identity up to date. Do you even remember what you have posted years ago?

Match Me leads you on a trip through your own past while practising your matching game skills. Finding a pair of the same images has never challenged your memorizing skill, even back in the day when you were a kid, right?! Today, we let you explore new and astonishing associations between the places you traveled to, your friends, the objects you like, and between photographs of yourself. Instead of finding pairs of the same image, you'll have to find the pairs of similar images.

What it does

Match Me uses your own photos from Facebook or Instagram, finds matching pairs of similar images, and lets you and your friends play the popular matching game either on the same device or or from different devices.

How we built it

Once you've signed into your Facebook account through our Firebase server, we use the Clarifai API to determine the most similar pictures from your photos. The client with the actual game works with React and is easily accessible through your browser on all devices.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating these APIs with React didn't work smoothly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Playing the game ourselves kept us entertained for some time.

What we learned

Team work

What's next for Match me

Synchronizing multiple devices at the same time. Improving the matching pair selection.

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