We were inspired by the coming holiday of Valentines Day and how many people feel alone during this time, making them long for companionship.

What it does

This game resembles a board game, in which the player gets to choose a character to play mini-games to make it around the "board", which is in the shape of the heart. While going around the board, the user plays valentines-themed mini-games to gain points, and at the end, their valentine depends on how many points they achieved.

How I built it

We built the game in Python using Pygame to create the user interface.

Challenges I ran into

The mini-games had more complex logic than originally thought and required more time to finish, and Pygame can be difficult to implement, as the documentation can be difficult to understand and there is a lack of useful examples of properly using it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to make a final working project that resembles an online board game while incorporating the Valentine's Day theme.

What I learned

When running into problems and bugs, asking others for help and having fresh eyes look at your code is one of the most effective ways to fix things.

What's next for Match Made in Python

This can be a game people can play around Valentines' Day to cope with their loneliness

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