Have you ever shopping at Walmart, and found an item that was priced cheaper on Amazon?

What it does

The Match It app allows you to scan an item, and it searches for the price of the scanned item on Amazon. The Match It app allows you to set the price of the item for purchase and it will generate the Amazon web page that you can confirm the lower price with the cash register at checkout. Talk about low cost savings!

How I built it

We used Xcode and Objective-C to build a native iOS app. We leveraged Amazon Web Services, ESRI Map API, and Item Search.

Challenges I ran into

AWS, ESRI Geo location inconsistency, creating custom web page with modified domain name

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Completing a working product in 24 hours. Troubleshooting API issues

What I learned

How to think on your feet when dealing with 3rd party sources and having to decide on a different approach to take.

What's next for Match It! - The ultimate price matching app.

Scaling out functionality.

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