We were thinking of a fun game that we could start to work on at a hackathon while honing our skills at using Unreal Engine and coding websites. Since two of our members were fond of the recently popular battle royale format that has recently topped the gaming industry, we decided to follow and learn how to program using the same format.

What it does

Although it's not perfect, MatadoRoyale gives a general idea of how the game will be run and some of the mechanics in play. It is a basic battle royale in a third-person point of view, showcasing environmental details.

How we built it

We used the Unreal Engine to make the visual aspects of the game and, for the scripting, we used the included pipeline code. For the website, we used HTML, CSS, and java. We also referenced tutorials, YouTube videos, and forums online to code MatadoRoyale.

Challenges we ran into

None of us were very experienced or well versed in the use of either Unity or Unreal Engine, so we struggled through the entire way of creating programs on Unreal Engine. In addition, in the middle of programming and designing MatadoRoyale, on one of our computers Unreal Engine repeatedly crashed, forever losing programs and sprites despite our saves. We wasted many hours attempting to retrieve the data and rewriting lost code. There were also problems with achieving a clean 'circle' commonly seen in battle royale games, such as being unable to find an appropriate texture and resulting unevenness in the circle's textures. In regards to our .tech domain, there were problems with figuring out how to host our website and connect it to our domain.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud that we've managed to almost complete our game and make it relatively functional. We're also proud of how we could take ideas from games and subjects we liked and put them into computer science

What we learned

We learned how to properly use Unreal Editor and 20 new ways to style a website professionally. We also learned how to code in Dream Weaver. We learned how to work through computer crashes and how to retrieve some lost information on Unreal Editor. Moreover, we learned how to be patient and congratulate each other through failures and successes. Working through sleep deprivation is also something else we experienced while working on MatadoRoyale.

What's next for MatadoRoyale

One feature we want to add in the future is multiplayer because Unreal Engine has some of the best multiplayer support out of any other game engines. There are many things we can do to polish the game and mechanics we can add to the game, including creating a smoother texture for the circle and increasing the environments to explore in-game.

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