Inspiration - Previous UI/UX experience designing websites inspired me to come up with the solution for today's problem.

What it does - It provides the essential data visualized in a clean user interface for the forensics team to be able to solve the mystery as efficiently as possible.

How I built it - I prototyped my idea on HTML5 using jQuery as the scripting language but as I didn't have previous experience in any of those languages I faced a lot of difficulties while working alone also. Later on, I decided to bring my idea to life using bold Figma*bold* to design my basic UI and explain to the judges how the potential code would work.

Challenges I ran into - Creating and prototyping my solution on jQuery and HTML

Accomplishments that I'm proud of - The fact that I am able to muster the confidence and present at my first hackathon.

What I learned - A lot of new functions on how to sample and work with a scripting language inside of HTML and also how to understand and go through a .json file. With previous experience in Adobe XD I still got by to learn and implement Figma in today's project.

What's next for MAT - Murder Analytics Tool become an actual web application

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