Get information in shorter period of time to process it and take a decision

What it does

Identifies what a user that has a chemical want to do and proposes the best procedures by extracting reliable information from PubChem

How I built it

I used anaconda,python and libraries that are connected with the website through their APIs

Challenges I ran into

Integrating and putting everything ready to use with

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Mandy   is an intelligent transcribe videos  with which you can discover information and knowledge chemical  properties and  safety handling and managing procedures  what store are use chemicals.  this store is a pretty interesting application in which people without any knowledge of chemistry can  use it  and understand how to store and manage  chemicals more safely.  Everyday people use washing dishes, detergents, soap and much more at their houses. Those product contains chemicals that may be harmful when combining with other type of products that are near or when products are combined.  A safety procedure and understanding off of how to use and apply chemicals  can make a very big difference at home difference. We proposed use wit AI  to understand what did users want to do with chemicals No matter  whether they know about chemistry.  this application identifies the number of chemicals that one is asking about and suggest how chemicals should be managed at home or in any other place.  People can store chemicals at home, combined  or mix chemicals  and use it for their own purposes. The application identifies these three different situations in which chemical products would be immersed so that users take a decision about how to put the chemicals in a warehoue or how to use them or whether it is good for them to apply those for their own use. The application also proposes to look for information on YouTube so that it relies on the machine learning  algorithms that YouTube provide  proposing video to the user. The user get the transcribe video after finishing the duration of the video. There is no need to see the video.There are videos that last more than 3 minutes or even one hour  so that users get both the whole text and a summary of the video easily on their emails. Users are able to discover information among 13 million  from the public Pubchem API. This application can not only be used to look for videos on youtube it also is used with tiktok and twitter to get transcriptions more accurately, precisely faster on your email 

What I learned

Programming python

What's next for Mandy the Intelligent Companion

We can improve the application with tiktok and twitter by gather the videos that are published there. You can also check the video for the application

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