MasteryConnect is changing the focus in education from end-of-year assessments and the traditional letter-based grading system to one of real-time reporting about what students are learning relative to both state and Common Core standards.

In addition to time-saving assessment tools (which can be delivered through a browser OR mobile device), MasteryConnect allows teachers to collaborate and connect in a social way around assessments, and has become the largest online community of teachers sharing and discovering common formative assessments.

With real-time data, students, teachers, administrators, AND parents have immediate access and insight into the concepts and skills students are mastering in the classroom. The immediate feedback on what students are actually learning allows teachers to focus time and attention on remediation and re-teaching of critical concepts for college and career readiness.

Since launch in 2011, teachers from over 8,200 districts (over half the districts in the country) and more than 25,000 schools (about 25% of schools in the U.S.) have joined the MasteryConnect community. MasteryConnect's integrated Common Core app is THE most downloaded app for the Common Core, with over 600,000 downloads by educators and parents.

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