• Swivel Chair
    360° rotation is essential to Gaze.
    If you don’t have a swivel chair, we urge you to stand while playing.
    In fact, we feel that standing is the most fulfilling way to play.

  • Gaze
    Survey the landscape.
    Take aim.
    Cock your head to determine the launch angle of your disc.

  • Touch Pad
    Swipe forward to Zip Toss.
    Swipe downward to Hammer Toss.
    Swipe backward to Retry.
    Tap to follow/unfollow disc in flight.


MasterStroke is disc golf in virtual reality.
Toss your way through 18 goals dotted across a lush island landscape.
Simple, relaxing, skill-based recreation.


Our mission in developing MasterStroke was to craft a true Gear VR native – a game, a toy, an experience that fundamentally belongs on the platform. To fulfill this mission, we knew we needed to capitalize on Gear’s integrated touch pad, its wireless nature, and our belief that these strengths make it the ideal introduction to VR for mainstream audiences.

In keeping, MasterStroke is designed to be an exceedingly comfortable experience – from its leisurely rhythm and roots in familiar summertime fun to its unobtrusive UI and optional mid-flight chase camera. What’s more, the depth of MasterStroke’s gameplay presents what we feel is an outstanding venue for new users to gradually and pleasurably ease into the locomotive complexity of virtual space.

We hope you enjoy MasterStroke.

1. Activity done for enjoyment when one is not working.
2. A reenactment or simulation of something.

The breezy challenge of disc golf glides into virtual reality with a tactile fidelity only possible on Samsung Gear VR.

Drink the pleasure of presence in a luxuriant landscape purpose-built for your personal enrichment.

Sit back and relax as you direct your flight path with the unrestrained joy of wireless head-tracking.

Savor the satisfying whisk of your finger as it hurls your disc gloriously from goal to goal.

Delight in dynamically deciding the ideal view as you dance your way to destiny.

Above all, enhance your chill while refining your skill.

That’s the way of the disc.

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