I love connecting concepts from different STEM fields (ex: Bio and Chem) and analyzing how they relate to each other! I created Mastermind to share this passion and encourage users to explore the intricate world around them.

What it does

Mastermind poses questions to users that connect different areas of math and science. Each "node" is a certain field, and the dotted lines are the "connections" between fields. Each connection contains a question, and users unlock increasingly complex nodes by answering these questions!

How we built it

I used Javascript, HTML, and CSS to build the webpage.

Challenges we ran into

Keeping track of user input was one of the main challenges I ran into, as well as generating a clean and organized UI. In addition, I basically made this project solo so writing all of the code in 24 hours was a very rigorous task.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of the fact that I was able to add complicated functions and event listeners successfully for the first time when developing this project.

What we learned

I learned about how to handle, organize, and store user input more efficiently from this project.

What's next for Mastermind

I will try to make profile pages for users and use SQL to store the accounts. I will also create more questions, more nodes, more connections and add hints to encourage users to explore new concepts!

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