Inspired by VanHackathon, we were challenged by Axiom Zen to build an API to play Mastermind. As we are looking for an opportunity to work for Axiom Zen, and as we are also game lovers, we had great fun while developing this game.

What it does

It's an API to play the world-famous game Mastermind!

How we built it

We decided to built it using Java, Spring framework (easier to build and to maintain), and Mongo Database to scale our game if necessary.

Challenges we ran into

After getting to know the game and its rules, the most difficult part of the development was the game's flow itself, we weren't sure how to manipulate a multiplayer game so we asked for help using Slack group. Eric was very helpful and so were all the other members.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of what we did. We truly believe that we created a scalable game, that is easy to maintain and free of bugs. Another great accomplishment is storing our data in the cloud. That is amazing because we can play against each other even when we are in different places.

What we learned

We discovered when we were looking for solutions to play against each other being in separate places.

What's next for Mastermind API - Bruno Lellis e Lucas Montanari

Create a web and mobile interface so people can play it all around the world.

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