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In the fast paced world that we live in today, it is not always sufficient to wait for the mainstream media to report on current events. Even when the mainstream media reports on events, there is almost always some sort of spin on the news, leaving consumers to sort out the facts versus the bias. is an attempt to change all of that. allows anyone to contribute and report the news with their smartphones. If you are in the middle of a newsworthy event, all you need to do is take out your phone, open the app, and start streaming your perspective. On the web, the site allows all visitors to see your streamed news perspective, allowing them to literally get their news straight from the source.

Current Functionality

The way currently is functioning, there is a mobile (iOS component) and a web component. On the iOS application, users can stream newsworthy events from their phones to our backend server, which allows it to be viewed on our frontend website.

Future Goals

After MHacks is over, we still plan on developing further. We have a lot of ideas on functionality that we want to add to make the user experience better. This includes aggregating video streams that are streaming the same content (from different people with different perspectives), saving video streams on our server to be viewed at a later time, implementing on Andriod, and notifying users when they are nearby an important event that they can contribute to by streaming it.

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