We really enjoy going to concerts. We've all been to concerts where they try to encourage crowd interaction - handing out wristbands, shining lights into the audience, etc. We wanted to change the way that the audience interacts with the performance. MassGlo makes the audience a crucial part of every show, by giving venues control over the screen of concert-goer's phones.

What it does

MassGlo lights up an audience. Everybody in an audience visits, and the venue can control what appears on each phone and when. This can be colors, gifs, gradients, or loops of these elements. This moves the show into the hands of the audience, and creates an enhanced experience for all at a venue.

How we built it

The project is built using Node.js as a backend, with WebSockets to allow low latency communication between the central server and many clients in a given venue.

Challenges we ran into

Websockets can have high latency as more connect, so sometimes devices become out of sync with the rest. This can be solved by scaling the system out and using a more efficient websocket library.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our demo video was lots of fun to make, it is cool to see many devices change at the same time!

What we learned

We all learned a lot about web development and websocket communication with this project.

What's next for MassGlo

MassGlo in the future will be tied to a location - each venue will create a geofence, and all users in the area who go to can be controlled by this venue. Basic geolocation will also enable the app to create different colored sections in a large stadium. This technology can be expanded to create interactive shows in many more ways than just lights. Venues can stream virtually anything to user's phones in real time, all over the web. No app needed.

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