Our inspiration originated at LA Hacks when we heard dance party music at 3AM playing from the event speakers. While it helped to keep us awake, and while it was a great playlist, it didn't fit the mood or the time of day, and we didn't really like it. We thought there had to be a better way to play music that everyone liked and wanted to hear at the time, rather than playing music straight from a playlist.

What it does

Users search for a song which runs through the Youtube Search API. The top search result is returned and a thumbnail is shown, as well as its current number of votes. This is added to the playlist where other users can vote up or down. Songs with the highest upvotes are pushed to the top of the list while songs with the most downvotes are left at the bottom.

How we built it

We utilized Meteor to create our web app and used the Youtube API to integrate Youtube Search and the player into the page.

Challenges we ran into

We were all fairly new to javascript and ran into issues with executing what we envisioned. In using Meteor, which we were all unfamiliar with, we were confused, and often switched back and forth between different platforms, trying to determine the best way of actually creating our idea. Also, we had issues integrating the Youtube API into our web app; however, there was a large amount of Google Developer documentation that offered support and answered many of our questions.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Though the capacity of users is currently limited, and there a few bugs here and there, we are happy to have created a web app that not only solves our original problem, but is also functional, intuitive, and easy to use. Furthermore, we're proud of our main programmer, Ray, for pushing through endless hours to understand and write the logic, to improve functionality, and to enhance design.

What we learned

We learned it is best to use frameworks that we understand rather than relying on what services are provided for us through platforms because it becomes hard to manipulate to its full capacity when we don't have basic information. Also, some of our first time hackers on the team learned how to take bits and pieces from different APIs and services and put it together to create what we envision.

What's next for MassDeck

We hope to add certain to allow greater functionality, such velocity limiting for song submission, velocity limiting for voting, and user accounts. We would also like to allow users to have it synced across multiple pages. Furthermore, we hope to incorporate different types of media, not just Youtube videos.

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