It was inspired by thegraph which focused on indexing ETH and there were not able to support fast chain like Matic.

What it does

Massbit will support indexing both raw data and smart contract for different chains (ETH-based compatible chains, Substrate chains, and Solana, etc..). The indexing logic will be supported by different language.

How we built it

  • There are 2 components in MassBit architecture. The first is the chain reader which read data from different chains like Solana, Eth, and other blockchains. The second one is the Indexer manager which, after receiving the customized indexing request from the users, will spawn a process to index the smart contract with customized logic, and dump data into the database.
  • There is also the raw-data chain indexer which receives the data from the chain-reader via GRPC streaming and stores their indexing result into the database.
  • The indexing data will be served by Hasura Graphql and Metabase for analytics

Challenges we ran into

Solana is a super-fast chain and there are a lot of data to store in a single machine.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have managed to index a DEFI app in Solana (Saber).

What we learned

It's very challenging to index Solana because Solana is a super-fast chain and our indexers have to consume a lot of data from Solana. We believe a single machine won't be able to store all Solana data. We will have to use BitQuery to store the data instead.

We are looking for support from Solana to provide a non-rate limit machine to be able to read all data from Solana.

What's next for MassBit

We are working on testing with validator partners and community.

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