We design the following system as a means to collect accurate data on maternal and neonatal deaths in rural India. We are collecting data from both the ASHAs (Accredited Social Health Activists, typically 1 per community) as well as from directly surveying families in India.

The ASHA Survey:

We used the Google Drive API to gather data from an initial data survey given to the ASHA. We implemented this by creating a Google Forms questionnaire, and as a proof of concept we were able to gather and parse data such as names, phone numbers for the mothers, as well as location based data and expected delivery date.

The Family Survey:

After extracting out phone numbers for the mothers from the aforementioned survey, we were able to design an SMS based survey targeted for mothers using Twilio. We implemented a skeleton that checks in on the health status of the mother and child on a weekly basis.

Future Work: - Building a GUI for easily editing the questions in the SMS - based surveys (or enable
read in through a text file) - Using the Twilio-powered SMS not only as a means to gather data, but also as a means to dispense key healthy living tips to mothers and families - This could act as a means to incentivize families to engage with the data collection - Further exploring data collection from the ASHAs - One ideas is to have ASHAs also report whenever there was a death in the
community, but weren't sure if there would be issues with incentivizing the ASHAs to perform this additional work - Collecting continuous updates from the ASHAS would serve as a powerful dataset, as we could reconcile with other collected data sets to get a sense of
whether the self-reported data is accurate - Determine whether ASHAs are typically stationary (if an ASHA is in a particular
city, will they stay for years?)

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